2019 Best of Detroit Wedding Photography


2019 Best of Detroit Wedding Photography

2019 marked 11 years of Ashley and I working together. We also celebrated 6 years of marriage, plus the announcement and birth of our first child. This year brought us more happiness and joy than we could have ever imagined.

Professionally, it was a year of clarity. A year that gave us hurdles, but brought us together. In difficulty, we found purpose and reason. It solidified our belief in what we do and the importance of family. Pregnant Ashley worked every wedding, right up until the end. The last wedding of the year, she was 8 months pregnant and spent 12 hours on her feet! The offseason was rightfully earned this year.

To all of our amazing couples, thank you for choosing us to document your special wedding day. Each and every wedding holds a special place in our hearts and for different reasons.

This year taught us the importance of family and to cherish what little time we truly have with them. Every wedding day is a reminder of our own marriage. A reminder of the vows we took, how quickly it goes, and the importance of documenting it.

So here’s to intimate backyard weddings, with smoked meats and whiskey served neat. Here’s to the wedding days it rained and everything still turned out okay. And here’s to weddings in the church where Mom + Dad said, ‘I Do,’ and to the weddings in a chic barn. And here’s to the crazy cocktails hours, wild party buses and Uncle Bob 5 beers deep on the dance floor.

Most importantly, here’s to you all on starting your own journey together! Thank you for trusting us to document the beginning of your family legacy.


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