Emma + Jared’s – Adrian Wedding


Emma + Jared’s – Adrian Wedding

Jared and Emma’s wedding day focused on the love of the people closest to them and it showed.

The bride and her bridesmaids got ready in Emma’s grandparents’ home, surrounded by memories of the past. The walls were adorned with family photos and heirlooms, creating a nostalgic atmosphere that was perfect for getting ready. Emma’s sisters were by her side, helping her with hair and makeup and making sure everything was just right.

On the other side of the property, Jared was getting ready in the barn. He was surrounded by his groomsmen, who helped him with his tie and final touches as the Michigan football game played on the TV in the background.

Emma and Jared’s wedding day was filled with tons of love and emotions, but it was also tinged with a hint of sadness. Due to the ongoing pandemic, Emma’s grandparents were unable to attend the wedding and be there to celebrate with them. However, they did everything they could to include them in the celebration.

Emma’s grandparents’ reaction to seeing her in her wedding dress for the first time was a moment that will never be forgotten. As she descended the stairs of the family home, their eyes were filled with tears of joy and love. They were overjoyed to see their granddaughter looking so beautiful and happy on her special day. The love and emotion that filled the room was palpable and it was clear that they were incredibly proud of Emma and everything she had accomplished.

Their reaction was a testament to the close relationship they have with Emma and the love they have for her. It was a moment filled with love, pride, and joy and will be a lasting memory from the day.


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