Bob and Nikki Paschall


Bob and Nikki Paschall

I made my usual weekend trip to Traverse City to work for Dan Stewart Photography to shoot the wedding of Bob and Nikki Paschall.

My wedding day journey typically starts with me waking up at 8 a.m. and being on the road for my two and half hour journey north. I should also mention that I usually don’t sleep the night before because of nerves. I often toss and turn dreaming of malfunctioning cameras, bridezillas, rain, or not waking up on time. Yikes!

My biggest fear though is meeting the couple. Dan meets with all of his clients before hand and being the intern who doesn’t live remotely close to Dan I don’t have that luxury.

Why is this such a fear?

Because you can’t make happy pictures of people who aren’t happy. Well you sort of can but it’s essential like asking a chemist to make COKE without sugar. It’s just not as good.

Back to the story.

Dan and I arrive at the Park Place Hotel where the girls are getting ready and also where the reception is being held. As Dan introduces me to Nikki I extend my handout for a formal greeting and denies my request, but insists she is a hugs person instead.

Right away from her smile and enthusiasm I new this wedding was going to be a breeze.

The nerves settled and the wedding went on.

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