Greektown, Detroit Wedding Photography | Courtney + Tony


Greektown, Detroit Wedding Photography | Courtney + Tony

When we think about Courtney and Tony, we think about their incredibly kind hearts and their devotion to God. From the moment we met them, we knew their Greektown, Detroit wedding at Old St. Mary’s Church would be beautiful. From start to end, their big day was defined by emotion and endless amounts of love.

Matt spent the morning with Tony and his groomsmen, and I documented Courtney and her bridesmaids. From separate hotel rooms, Matt and I were both in awe with how ready and excited they were to become husband and wife.

Many tears were shed in the moments leading up to the ceremony. These quiet moments were the most memorable, like when Courtney’s mother’s glanced at her daughter in her wedding gown or when Courtney and Tony read their handwritten letters. Anyone present that day knew they were meant to be married… Just take a peek at how they look at each other.

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