Livonia, Michigan Wedding | Sarah and Chris


Livonia, Michigan Wedding | Sarah and Chris

We could not have asked for a more perfect way to kick off our wedding season than Chris and Sarah‘s Livonia, Michigan wedding. The morning of their big day, Matt and I decided to grab a sandwich before meeting Sarah at her home. We saw the most beautiful bride exit the salon next door. “Aww, look at that bride,” Matt said. Before he even finished his sentence, we realized it was our bride! Sarah looked so incredibly happy and pretty with her veil blowing in the wind.

Sarah and Chris tied the knot at St. Edith Church in Livonia. As they exited Mass, their family and friends celebrated the newlyweds with a bubble recessional. (We have to admit we like this much better than the rice tradition!) In addition to this special moment, there were countless elements that made their wedding stand out- groomsmen who wore awesome kilts, the coolest cake topper and, most importantly, an incredible bride and groom. Cheers to you, Sarah and Chris! Thank you for allowing us to document your special day.

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