Massillon Ohio Breakfast Wedding


Massillon Ohio Breakfast Wedding

Thunderstorms, coffee, wedding vows, waffles, Guinness, dancing and games.

Taylor + Wally’s wedding wasn’t just unique, it was intimate and real. They hosted their wedding guests for a morning wedding at a historic family home in Massillon, Ohio.

The weather forecast called for a massive morning thunderstorm. But, despite the call of torrential rain, Wally and his groomsmen set up the ceremony site outdoors and had a pre-breakfast breakfast. Taylor and her bridesmaids prepped in the main part of the home, while the guys were down the hall in the game room above the garage.

Taylor’s mother helped her into her dress before she had a first look with her brother and father. Her grandmother helped her down the steep stairs before her first look with Wally. The whole family was involved in some way to make the day possible.

Taylor + Wally’s first look took place in the backyard which was lined with massive trees and giant rhododendrons. The ceremony was held in the front yard and vows were exchanged under a homemade arch. 

After exchanging their early morning vows, Taylor + Wally catered one of their favorite meals… breakfast! It was complete with waffles, bacon, sausage, and eggs. Their table centerpieces were freshly baked donuts. They spent the afternoon hanging out with family and friends. Some were drinking coffee, others were drinking Guinness. The focus of the day was solely on bonding with the people who mattered the most to them.

Friends and family helped to clean and pack up. Some traveled back home for the night while others gathered for a bowling extravaganza. Before Taylor + Wally joined their guests for bowling they made one last stop to see Wally’s grandfather at his retirement home since he couldn’t attend the wedding.

This day was magical. It was filled with great emotions and represented who Wally + Taylor are.

Here’s to future breakfast/brunch-style weddings… and especially those focused on the people we love.


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