Meeting House Plymouth Wedding Photography | Erica + James


Meeting House Plymouth Wedding Photography | Erica + James

Ashley has known James since they were kids, so this wedding had an extra special place in our hearts. We were sad to see Erica + James move to California, but we were so glad to have them back in Michigan for a few days to celebrate their Meeting House Plymouth wedding.

Erica has one of the most beautiful smiles we have ever seen, and she has a heart to match. James is intelligent, thoughtful and incredibly loving. Together, these two make the sweetest pair.

We will never forget their intimate first look at Maybury State Park. As soon as James turned around and saw his beautiful bride, his entire face lit up. When we think back to their wedding day, we remember this very moment and how thankful we felt J+E asked us to be present.

After their ceremony, the bridal party stopped at Ascension Brewing Company along the way to the reception. The Meeting House in Plymouth is one of our favorite venues. We were so excited to hear Erica and James had booked it.

This wedding is a little late to appear on the blog, but we know you’ll love these images! We hope you feel the same emotions we did looking at these pictures from this beautiful day.

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