Shenandoah Country Club Wedding


Shenandoah Country Club Wedding

Mariam + Eric’s Shenandoah Country Club Wedding

Wow! This wedding was incredible. The people, the moments, the flowers, the zaffa! The zaffa was ridiculously fun. It was impossible to choose favorite photographs from this part of the wedding day. (The zaffa is an Arabic wedding march. Basically, it’s a giant dance floor celebration welcoming the bride and groom.)

The entire wedding was a beautiful party.

This wedding was also a little extra special for us. Eric, the groom, was our friend, roommate, and coworker in college. It was such an honor when Eric and Mariam asked us to document their special day. Even though we haven’t kept up with each other regularly since college, it felt like we hadn’t missed a beat.

It’s always a privilege to photograph a wedding, but it means that much more when they’re two amazing people.

I should also mention, Ashley was 8 months pregnant. Wedding days are hard enough on the body, but to do it this pregnant was a lot, and she never complained. Bonus points if you can spot Ashley in the crowd on the dance floor!


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